About ESPI

ESPI Europe based in Prague (Czech Republic) is a specialist for ceramic  insulators for ESP (electrostatic precipitators /electro filters), HV substation and other applications.

ESPI insulators is the synonymous with high-quality yet affordable insulators. With an annual production of 10 000 pcs. of conical support insulators for ESP, we are one of the largest and top quatlity ESP insulators manufacturers worldwide.

The ESPI company strives to be the best supplier in the segment.

ESPI insulators

Insulators for electrostatic precipitators (ESP)

ESP insulator for electrostatic precipitator

Support Insulators for ESP

Our list of insulators for ESP contains more than three hundred type of insulators. Our portfolio consists of hollow support insulators, wall bushing insulators, shaft (rotary) insulators, solid-core post insulators, suspension insulators, ceramic insulating plates, rapping rods, stabilizers, anti-sway bars or damping resistance insulators.

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ESP insulators from ESPI
wall bushing for ESP from ESPI
shaft insulator for ESP from ESPI

Insulators for substation

HV substation insulators

ESPI Europe continues the long-standing tradition of electro porcelain production in the town of Louny. We supply a wide range of insulators, including an assortment for substation such as support/post insulators and wall bushings.

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post insulator J4-125

Insulators for distribution Transformers

bushing 30NF250

HV Porcelain insulators for transformer bushings

ESPI Europe is a Czech spare parts supplier for HV porcelain insulators for transformer bushings and related transformer accessories according standard EN 50180, DIN 42531, DIN 42532, DIN 42533, DIN 42533, DIN 42534.

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HV Transformer bushings

We supply transformer bushings sets as spare parts for distribution transformers for the voltage 1-72 kV.

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Metal spare parts for ESP

02 discharge electrodes for ESP

Discharge electrodes for Electrostatic precipitator (ESP)

Discharge electrodes for electrostatic filters and other metal spare parts

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Collecting electrodes for Electrostatic filter

Manufacture of collecting electrodes for a horizontal dry electrostatic precipitator (ESP).

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