What alternative to European producer PPC Insulators does market offer?

PPC Insulators alternative suppliers are in focus. There are only few quality insulator manufacturers in Europe and major of them do not produce insulators for electrostatic precipitators.That was specialiy for  IFO Ceramic in Sweden or EKS Sonneberg Germany, which were both closed recently. Many customers have lost their traditional relationship in porcelain delivery and now they are looking for support insulator for ESP, wall bushing or shaft insulator.

ESPI Europe is a good alternative supplier to German insulator manufacturer PPC Insulators. ESPI manufacturers insulators with the top European quality, however for afordable price.

Lack of production capacities in EU has a consequence, that  PPC Insulators as one of the top European ceramic producers focus now on post insulators, long-rod and hollow ceramic rather then insulators for elektrofilter, where the ordered quantity is mainly significantly lower or even in single pieces.

ESP insulator for electrostatic precipitator

What is ESPI insulator quality?

We in ESPI do test every production batch according to standard IEC 62 155. Visual inspection, verification of dimension, temperature cycle test, DC withstand voltage test under high temperature and room temperature and porosty test are must. Additionaly to these test, we proceed standardly also compressive test under a load of 30 tons. All insulators are tested as shown above within the production batch. Insulators are packed in boxes from plywood, which conforms to fumigation standards for oversea delivery readyness. Customer can choose from grey and brown glaze of insulator surface. In some cases ESP insulator can work also without beeing glazed. This applies mainly for high alumina insulators.

Why ESPI insulators?

ESPI offers technically and from the point of quality similar ceramic insulator for ESP electrostatic precipitator as German producer PPC insulators Sonneberg, moreover for afordable price and delivery conditions.  At present time we have annual capacity of 20 000 conical support insulators. Futhermore we can offer high runners in smaller quantity then minimum order volume or deliver from a stock in few weeks.